Romain Caristan

Data Scientist | Software Developer

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About Me

🚀 Passionate about new technologies and AI, my focus is on solving complex problems and driving informed decision-making through the power of data-driven approaches.

📊 With my skills in programming and statistical analysis, I embark on exciting journeys with large datasets. I uncover hidden gems of information, extracting meaningful insights that pave the way for predictive models.

🤖 I firmly believe in the importance of responsible AI practices, ensuring fairness and transparency in all solutions I develop. Together, let's create a future where cutting-edge AI technologies make a positive impact on society.

🏢 Currently, I am working on innovation projects for the Cross-Asset pricing platform in the UBS Investment Bank, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

🇫🇷🇨🇭 Originally from France and now based in Zurich, Switzerland, I possess a valid working permit that allows me to work freely across Europe.

Professional Experiences


Machine Learning

Experienced in developing advanced Machine Learning solutions using a diverse range of models and libraries.

My expertise spans across various domains and sectors, applying Machine Learning best practices effectively.


With a decade of programming experience under my belt, I have journeyed through languages like Java, Scala, Python, and SQL.

However, my true passion lies in Python, which has become my favorite language.

Deep Learning

Experienced in training and using Deep Learning models, with a focus on cutting-edge applications of Computer Vision.

I excel at developing innovative solutions to complex visual recognition taks.


Experienced working with experts from various fields such as finance, environmental sciences, and more.

I thrive in cross-functional teams, leveraging collective expertise to tackle complex challenges.


With a strong adaptability capacity, I embrace dynamic environments and quickly acclimate to new challenges.

Whether it's diving into unfamiliar technologies or exploring different industries, I thrive on continuous learning and growth.

Agile Methodology

Well-versed in implementing efficient project management practices.

I excel in fostering collaboration, transparency, and iterative development, ensuring seamless workflows and timely deliveries



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Academic Projects

Hobbies & Interests

🏉 When it comes to hobbies and things I love, I have a real passion for sports!
Being a huge sports fan, I can't help but get excited cheering on my favorite teams and catching up on the latest games.
I feel a special connection to Rugby, and I'm incredibly proud to have been a part of the Swiss 2023 champion team with Zurich.

⛷️ During the winter months, you'll often find me hitting the slopes, surrounded by the breathtaking mountain views.

🍳 And when I'm not embarking on data-driven journeys, one of my favorite things to do is cook up delicious meals. The joy of creating great food and sharing those moments together is truly something special to me.